A brand already famous.

Set up in the late 1990s, Neonato started an immediate revolution in the baby products field. The company’s unconventional vision introduced high fashion imprinting to the nursery world, offering different styles, colours and designs to create a complete range of exclusive, stylish, top quality products.

In just a few years, Neonato has reached a considerable worldwide impact on the market thanks to the quality of its Italian style products and the ability to take new trends in style and technology into account, by adapting our products to the lifestyles of today’s mums and their children. In this way, Neonato has built up a world of modern, five-star, luxury products that are always in line with times.

Mission & Vision

Changing every mom’s appearance to look a fashion icon.
We are committed to ensuring that every woman can become a mum and continue expressing her personality, style and dynamism at the same time. For this reason, Neonato is open to new ideas and carries out research into fashion, technology and new trends. The company follows the changes in habits and the new lifestyles of today’s mums and their children very carefully in order to create products and special, exclusive solutions that reflect their way of being and thinking.

We do everything to the very best of our ability because we want Neonato’s world to be a special one. Our aim is to achieve the maximum expression of Italian creativity and style combined with the utmost practicality. As a result, every Neonato product has a style that is as unique and special as the love that a mum feels for her baby.


A real “must” for all of us at Neonato

For all of us at Neonato, Made in Italy label is synonymous with quality, safety, design and innovation. A mum who’s going to choose Neonato is, first and foremost, a dynamic woman inspired by new trends and current fashions, but also one who does not wish to forgot the safety that a made in Italy product can offer. We are safe in the knowledge that every item from our production line has undergone rigorous checks and has been made in accordance with European regulations. These features are a must for us at Neonato.


Safety never goes out of fashion

When we talk about safety, you can always rely on Neonato as we provide mums and children all over the world with safe products that have been tested in compliance with the strictest European regulations in force. And that is not all. While developing our products, we always take care about safety and functionality. These are the key points that follow baby’s growth step by step.
Furthermore, all Neonato products are certified according to the European safety standards.